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The winemaking philosophy of the estate and its commitment to excellence

The philosophy of the Aurelio Settimo estate is based on its constant commitment to excellence in winemaking.The Settimo family firmly believes that wine quality comes from careful and dedicated work, beginning with the care of the vines through to vinification in the cellar. The estate is committed to a sustainable approach that respects the environment, using agricultural practices that maintain biodiversity and the health of the vines. Modern technology and innovation are accompanied by a deep respect for tradition and the territory.

The estate's main objective is to make wines that express the essence of the Langhe territory and meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The dedication and commitment of the Settimo family has led to recognition of the estate for the excellence of its wines, winning prizes and awards that attest to its quality and authenticity.


The Aurelio Settimo winery produces only DOC and DOCG status red wines, grown exclusively on estate vineyards and vinified according to tradition: fairly lengthy fermentations on the skins for the BAROLO (for about 15-20 days), with frequent breaking up of the cap and pumping over of the must, followed by maturing in oak casks holding between 2,500 and 3,500 litres. For the Dolcetto d'Alba  and Langhe Nebbiolo the macerations are shorter (fermentations with the must in contact with the skins for around 7 days for the Dolcetto, and 8–10 days for the Langhe Nebbiolo), frequent breaking up of the cap and pumping over of the must, and maturing in vitrified concrete tanks.


The Aurelio Settimo winery produces an average 40,000 bottles a year (the maximum production in any one vintage could be: 14,000 bottles of Barolo Docg, 24,000 bottles of Barolo Rocche, and 8,000 of Dolcetto d’Alba. Langhe Nebbiolo is produced from a selection of nebbiolo grapes that would otherwise be used to produce Barolo, so if 8,000 bottles of Langhe Nebbiolo are produced, 8,000 fewer bottles of Barolo will be produced in that vintage). In recent years around 60% of the production has been exported. Aurelio Settimo’s wines have achieved excellent ratings in tastings in Italian and international trade magazines.

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Macerazioni lunghe

Mosto a contatto con le bucce a cappello sommerso 

rimontaggi e follature frequenti

L'utilizzo di tecnologie moderne e l'innovazione sono sempre accompagnati da un profondo rispetto per la tradizione e per il territorio

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