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cantina vinificazione


Used from the pressing of the grapes to the racking. Inside there are temperature-controlled and automated steel tanks for cap breaking (fulling).

This part of the cellar is not underground to allow natural air circulation during fermentation.


The cellars are five metres in height with three metres dug into the San Martino hill. This is exceedingly important in naturally maintaining a constant internal temperature (not too cold in winter and cool enough in summer).

Here the tanks are made of fibreglass-lined cement and steel with different capacities (from 3 Hl to 52 Hl), used exclusively for "finished" wines.

Cantina Affinamento


In the space devoted to elevage, we use traditional large casks of French and Austrian oak, from 2500 to 3500 litres in size, to age our Barolo. In this area we can host up to 40 people for wine tasting and a presentation of the estate.


Total storage capacity of the cellar vats is about 1,500 hectolitres. Two rooms (about 200 square metres) are exclusively devoted to bottling, labelling, packaging and storing bottled wine.

The temperature in this area is tweaked with heating in winter and cooling in summer. Storage space in this area can accommodate up to about 60,000 bottles.

cantina stoccaggio
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