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famiglia aurelio settimo


The Aurelio Settimo estate, created by Settimo Domenico in 1943, boasts more than 60 years of tradition in the making of quality wines. In 1962, the Settimo family began to focus on specialising in viticulture, achieving the excellent results now recognised as part of the Aurelio Settimo brand.

In subsequent years, Aurelio's daughter, Tiziana, today joined by her son Davide, took over management of the estate, carrying forward the family business with success. The company stands out for its philosophy of commitment to excellence in vineyard cultivation and the exclusive production of autochthonous Langhe wines, among which are the excellent Barolo DOCG Rocche dell’Annunziata cru.


The history of the Aurelio Settimo estate began with its founding long ago in 1943 by Domenico Settimo, an impassioned winemaker.

Situated in the Langhe hills in the heart of Piedmont, the estate began with a modest production of wine destined for local consumption. Aurelio's dedication and perseverance paid off; the estate grew and as time went on, it established a reputation for the quality of its wines. Aurelio Settimo understood how to bring out the characteristics of the territory, cultivating the vines with care and attention, selecting the best grapes and using traditional vinification techniques to make his wine. This approach set the estate apart, gaining it recognition both nationally and internationally. Today, Aurelio Settimo's legacy is carried forward with pride by the family, which continues to make quality wines, faithful to the tradition and passion that have distinguished the Aurelio Settimo estate from its beginning.

Aurelio_Settimo 1960
tiziana settimo diradamento


The Settimo family has consolidated the tradition passed down through generations in its production of quality wines. From the first steps taken by Aurelio Settimo, the estate has aimed for excellence through these traditional techniques passed on from father to son.

Attention to its vineyards and careful selection of grapes are two pillars of the family winemaking enterprise. Each step, from harvest to vinification, is carried out with expertise and commitment aimed at making wines that express both the territory and the unique characteristics of the grapes. The Settimo family is keenly attuned to detail, from the choice of the barrels for elevage to the presentation of its wines, which are distinguished by their elegant labels. This tradition of making quality wines has been the secret of the Settimo family’s success in the world of wine. It continues to be the Aurelio Settimo estate’s greatest strength.


One of the distinct characteristics of the Aurelio Settimo estate is their specialization in viticulture. From the beginning, the estate has concentrated its energies on vine cultivation, lavishing attention and care on every vine. Each grape variety has been chosen with great care, prioritising those that adapt the best to the Langhe terroir. This specialization is reflected in the Aurelio Settimo label, a symbol of quality and prestige throughout the world of wine. This label, which is both elegant and refined, has a sober and traditional design that recalls the history and tradition of the Settimo family. Immediately recognisable, the Aurelio Settimo label has become a guarantee of the wines produced by the estate, a symbol of both excellence and constant commitment to providing high quality products to consumers.

Vini Storici Aurelio Settimo
Davide e Tiziana Settimo


The family succession was an important moment in the history of the Aurelio Settimo winemaking estate. With passing of Aurelio, Tiziana Settimo took over management of the estate, assuming a role of great responsibility in the family business. From the start, Tiziana showed a deep interest in viticulture, inheriting both knowledge and skills from her father.

With a modern and innovative vision, Tiziana carried the family heritage forward, all the while maintaining respect for tradition. Her commitment to constant improvement in cultivation and vinification techniques has helped consolidate the estate's reputation and further the success of Aurelio Settimo wines. Her talent and commitment make her role central to the running of the estate and to preserving its identity and excellence.

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